Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pop My Pickle

Apparently frozen pickle juice is becoming a big thing in the US. This started as a local delicacy in a roller skating rink in Texas and took off. I am not sure this will be making the leap to the UK though.

Check it out here.

Fire Horse Fred

I've not been to this part of the US, but I like to think that if I were to visit New Bern (the home of Pepsi) I might be able to fit in a visit to the Fireman's museum there.

Fred must have been quite a horse to warrant this sort of accolade.

Back at the Lane...

Well as usual the transfer window has seen a vast number of players linked with with a move to North London. Of those Modric, Dos Santos and Gomes (just about) have been snapped up and it would seem that there would be at least three other new faces to accompany them before the transfer window comes to its climactic end.

Modric is a good player, unproven at the top level and pretty expensive at £16.5m but hopefully will follow his performances for Croatia with similarly assured ones in the Spurs engine room.

Dos Santos is something of an enigma, Mexican by way of Brazil, he spent 5 years at Barcelona and has now been cut loose after scoring a hat-trick in the last game of the Primera Liga season. Who knows what he will be like, though I would expect him to be starting on the bench barring injuries and hopefully making an increasing impact through the season.

Gomes is also something of a mystery, I have to say I saw him as sometihng of a weak link during the double header with PSV last week. Though he is a good goalkeeper he appears to enjoy some erratic decision-making in the style of Mr Grobelaar. I ahve not seen enough of him yet and his record in Holland of only conceding 24 goals in 34 matches last season sounds good, but may well reflect the strength of PSV's back four...

We still need a central defender (if we offload Tony, Ricky and possibly Younes), a midfielder who can tackle and a left-winger/ Lennon replacement. I would prefer to keep little Aaron, capture Capel, make sure we pick up an experienced CB (someone like Metzelder) and payout for a CM (Frings, Veloso, Senna or more likely someone like Diarra). All these would assume that we hled on to Dimi the Great and I sdon't see Villa as a replacement for him even if that was possible.

Oh well, we will see what happens and I certainly wouldn't say no to Podolski or Schweinsteiger....

Catch Up

Well, my first month of blogging was something of a wash out. That is what you get when you come up with the idea of starting a blog and your wife is nearly two weeks overdue with a little one.

My lovely daughter was born on the 31st May and has put something of a crimp in my blogging plans but finally I have managed to get back to my pc. Don't worry I am still performing my fatherly duties....

Anyway I will attempt to make some regular entries starting with a quick look at what is going on at White Hart Lane...