Saturday, November 08, 2008

Professor Bassa

I got this leaflet from my car window recently. Slightly concerning that there can be much of a business in theses areas nowadays...Couldn't find many online reviews for the Professor and his services, maybe because "My work is serious with confidentiality and Quick".

What I like about it is the sheer range of services that he offers to provide; from help with exams and problem with children to sterility issues and protection from Jealous Enemies. Obviously I am not a fun of the somewhat dark undertones hinted at by the last subject nor am I a fan of the wayward grammar and use of capital letters.... I am not even going to ask for details of the professorship....

Saturday, November 01, 2008

BBC Outrage

I do appreciate that nothing more really needs to be said on this matter but I just want to address a few points. I just cannot understand how this has become such a big news story, two high profile 'comedians' insult an old actor on his answerphone on a BBC radio show.

OK there are a few reasons why thousands of people who haven't even listened the show have complained to the BBC. The main reason has been the ridiculous media coverage, this can be attributed to a) a slow news week and anything to get the impending recession off the front pages and b) a concerted attack on the BBC establishment and two easy targets in Ross and Brand.

I also understand the argument around the vulgarisation of the world around us and that tax payers money should not be paying for this. Well, the world is becoming more vulgar but I don't believe this is the breaking point nor should it be the main battleground to fight this issue. In terms of misspent government money I think people need to wake up and remember the recent wars waged, NHS IT projects, council investments in Icelandic banks and a thousand other examples I cannot be bothered to name. The BBC may not be perfect but again it should not be the focus for concerns about our wasted tax monies....

I have decided that the real reason behind this furore is the involvement of Andrew Sachs. Perhaps people are just trying to stop this bullying because they remember the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of Mr. Fawlty.....