Saturday, May 24, 2008


I believe it is probably polite to give a brief introduction at this stage of proceedings.

Firstly, my name is not Epoch Santiago, though there have been some times when I almost thought that it would be amusing to change my name.

Secondly, I live in South London.

Thirdly, I will admit right now that I am not sure how good an idea it is to write a blog, as it can appear as an assumption of one's own self-importance. I hope to get past this by not assuming that anyone will read this. Saying that, I am more than happy to respond to comments of any readers....

Fourthly (not sure you see that written too often), I like music. A lot. Therefore mention of musical individuals and bands from Pearl Jam to Amon Tobin, Squeeze to Solomon Burke and Journey to The Raconteurs may occur.

Fifthly (mental note not to use this numbering format again), I am an ardent supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and football in general (though not FIFA, but this is a matter for another time).

I think this should suffice for now and we will see how we go.


Harry Hotspur said...

Have a link on my 'sites of distinction.'

I am confident you'll get there. Why? Because you gave it a go. Good luck.

Best wishes,


David said...

i think 'ardent' is an overclaim. and i never had you dow as a solomon burke fan. 'don't give up on me' is a
hardly 'ten' is it?