Sunday, August 17, 2008

45 King

Slightly offbeat musical entry for today as I slowly recover from a round of alcoholic exertions on a Sunday.

I don't avidly follow Sky Sports' Soccer AM show, but I did catch the Showboat reel yesterday and was enjoying the accompanying music enough to find out that it was "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D" by 45 King vs. Wale. Certainly it was reminiscent of some old school hip-hop along the lines of De La Soul.

Anyway I looked it up (handy music section on their website) and there is a free "mix tape" mp3 download zip file here which I think is worth checking out. It actually appears that P-Y-R-A-M-I-D" is performed by 45 King vs. 4th Pyramid, but there you go.

Also watch out for the track "The 900 Number" which includes the killer sample from Chad Jackson's "Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)", certainly a classic tune from my youth and if you want to see what CJ looks like (something of a surprise to me) you can catch up with him here. I don't know why he has a flower in his mouth. "Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)" got to number three in the UK charts in June 1990, FYI. While I was at it I found this: Missy Elliott vs Chad Jackson on youtube, nice.

Hip-hop is not really my niche (I am not even sure this is the strictly correct classification of these 45 King tracks), and I will have to put together some kind of desert island disc song or album picks so that I can be roundly ridiculed, pitied and admired in turn....

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