Friday, August 08, 2008

Two Oddly Placed Advertisements - Orangina & Condoms

I happened to be watching UKTV Food channel yesterday, for possibly the first time, watching Gary Rhodes cooking his way across China. I will freely admit I am not a fan of Mr. Rhodes (he never comes across as the nicest of people but he appears to be held in high regard by the food cognoscenti), but I am a fan of Chinese food.

Anyway the programme was OK, interesting insight into regional dishes, food street vendors being slowly cleared out of Hong Kong and no mention of any civil liberties being curtailed.

More importantly I saw two very unusual adverts during the programme. The first was for Orangina....Apparently this furry advert has been around for over 6 months but perhaps it is not deemed appropriate for the main terrestrial channels as it appears to show humanoid animal figures dancing and what some might call acting lasciviously. Whatever you want to call it, it is pretty weird, check it out for yourselves if you really want, here. I would like to know what the average viewer of Rhodes across China made of this, though I can just about see why this would be on UKTV Food channel.

The second advert was a standard advert to encourage young adults to wear a condom to gain respect and had some kids talking about sex. Fair enough, but it was really just the targeted demographic that I felt might be somewhat out of sync with the viewers for this programme. I just hope taxpayers money was not being spent broadcasting safe sex adverts to middle-aged foodies...and Gary Rhodes stalkers.

Anyway I thought it was odd, but maybe I am out of touch with young kids today and their enjoyment of culinary travel programmes....

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